Music Ministries
Psalm 150

Here at Praise Tabernacle, our music team strives to create an atmosphere of worship to usher in the presence of God. We have a weekly chorus that comes together every Sunday and Tuesday to sing praises unto the Lord, along with a host of talented and anointed musicians. If you are interested in being a part of the chorus, please see Brother Redeem Saneo. If you are a musician and you would like to offer your talents, please see Brother Randy Saneo.

Director of Music Ministries
Karen Blizzard

Sister Blizzard is our church piano player and first lady. As a spiritual mother to Praise Tabernacle, she endeavors to reach out through prayer for the whole church body. She and Pastor Blizzard have been casting vision for the Las Vegas area since they arrived in the late '90s. Through their exemplary character and sincerity, they have brought Praise Tabernacle forward into revival time and time again.

Music Director
Redeem Saneo

Brother Redeem Saneo is the worship leader at Praise Tabernacle. He has been leading music for several years and inspires the choir and congregation through his example. He is also a father, husband, brother, and friend to many. If you are interested in ministering in music through song, please reach out to Brother Redeem.


Band Director
Randy Saneo
Children's Choir Director
Princess Saneo-Natividad