Media Relations

This is the group from Praise Tabernacle that is dedicated to spreading the gospel beyond the walls of our church. They work hard to ensure that you get the latest information about Praise Tabernacle, and so that you can experience the presence of God, even if you can't make it to service.

Media Director
Karen Blizzard

Sister Blizzard is our church piano player and first lady. As a spiritual mother to Praise Tabernacle, she endeavors to reach out through prayer for the whole church body. She and Pastor Blizzard have been casting vision for the Las Vegas area since they arrived in the late '90s. Through their exemplary character and sincerity, they have brought Praise Tabernacle forward into revival time and time again.

Live Stream Director
Making Sure The Live Stream Runs Smoothly

Live Streaming is a very beneficial tool to reach who truly cannot physically make it to church. Perhaps separated by great distance, or temporarily sick in body, live streaming opens the door to still join the service online. Much work is done behind the scenes to make sure the right tech is set up, and that our live stream runs smoothly, on a weekly basis.

Social Media Director
Instagram & Facebook Outreach

In this day & age, social media can be used as a valuable tool to help reach anyone and everyone. The Social Media Director makes sure that moments captured during our services, worship, sunday school, events, trips,  & more is posted in a fashion that keeps the body connected, while still leaving an open door to those interested in visiting our church!

Website Coordinator
Updates What You're Reading Now

The website coordinator makes sure our physical church is reflected the best way and kept up to date digitally as much as possible. The website is not a replacement of meeting the saints of God in person, but it should be a welcoming introduction to Praise Tabernacle.