What is Hyphen Ministry?

Hyphen ministry is focused on reaching young adults ages 18-30. Those involved in hyphen ministry will receive opportunities to minister to others, make connections, and grow closer to God. Our mission at Praise Tabernacle is to create an environment where those engaged in college and career can have an open, comfortable environment to share hopes, dreams, inspiration, and moments with God and others.


Youth and Hyphen Pastor
Adam and Tanya Martinez

Adam & Tanya were both born and raised in Southern California and moved to Las Vegas in 2002. They have been serving as the Youth & Hyphen Pastors of Praise Tabernacle since 2009. Both Adam and Tanya are licensed ministers with the UPCI, hold a degree in Christian Counseling, and are licensed, pastoral counselors. They are passionate about revival in students and young adults, bible quizzing, discipleship, coffee, and most of all Jesus.

Executive Directors
Leo & Robiannce Wells

Leo and Robi Wells have been married since 2017. They both grew up in Las Vegas and graduated from UNLV. Leo has his Master's degree in education (M.Ed.) and has worked with students for 11 years. Robi has worked in hospitality/travel, enjoying event administration, cake design, and flight attending. She grew up as a "PK" and as a youth leader from 12-18. As teens they were involved in church youth ministry, doing everything from drama ministry to audio production. Leo and Robi love young people and seeing God work in them.

Discipleship Directors
Mark and Savannah Walters

Mark and Savannah Walters are passionate about discipleship and bringing those around them closer to Christ. They each have a special gift of bringing people together and sharing the good news of the Gospel with every hungry vessel. Their passion for the ministry is contagious, their hunger for revival is evident, and their goal is to bring each person on their path to heavenly places. If you are interested in learning more about discipleship or want to be involved in reaching others, please reach out to either Mark or Savannah.

Music Director
Hannah Morata

Hannah has been involved with youth worship since she was 12 years old. She has also been involved with Bible Quizzing and has preached to and taught our young people, helping them become closer to God. She now serves as the Hyphen Director over all of Section 5 to help direct young people as they transition into adulthood. Hannah loves working with individuals of all ages and helping them develop their own relationship with Jesus Christ.

Music Ministry Assistant & Media Team Member
Charity Hernandez

Charity has been involved in ministry on the evangelistic field from day one. At a very young age, she became involved in music with her family as they traveled and ministered. In 2016, she and her family moved to Las Vegas. She has always loved seeing God change people and move on them in mighty ways. Having a passion for young people, Charity loves getting others involved so that they too can feel the passion that God gives to those who pursue after Him.

Media Team Member
Brandon Muddiman

Brandon was born in Georgia, but moved to Las Vegas not long after. He has been at Praise Tabernacle ever since, working to help those around him learn about the Lord. He has been involved with various ministries and he loves watching young people draw closer to God. Now, Brandon works in our media team, taking photos and recording videos, documenting all that God is doing in our services, Bible studies, and during fellowship.

Media Team Member
Jahdiel Saneo

As one of our media team members, Jahdiel Saneo is responsible for our youth and hyphen social media pages, as well as the Section five and Praise Tabernacle social media accounts. He has been a creative individual since he was young and believes that all talent should be used for the Kingdom of God. Jahdiel loves socializing and engaging with his church friends and family. He believes pleasing God and becoming more like Him should be the top priority.

Jeron & Corinne Sarmiento

Jeron and Corinne have both learned the value of youth ministry over the years. They love to be involved in young people's lives and help where they can, working to be supportive, and reminding others to put God first. They love youth ministry and enjoy relating to young people about the “teen and young adult” worldly struggles that many of them battle. Together, they make themselves available to help lead and guide every youth or hyphen along their journey.